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The 18 mile trip to Cayo Costa takes a half
hour,plus time for stops to view the playful
pods of Dolphin. At the islands your Captain
will anchor and back the boat towards the
beach,stopping with the stern(back) of the
boat in knee -deep water. With just a two step
ladder you will be at the beach ready to enjoy
the use of our watersports equipment,or bring
a lunch and just relax.
Each of our boats are 30ft,with
a T top for shade,comfortable
seating a restroom and changing
room,cooler with ice,shell nets and
bags, chairs, umbrellas,towels,kayaks,
Stand-up- Paddleboards,sea scooters
(for snorkeling) and snorkeling gear,
now introducing "full face snorkel
mask" which allows natural breathing
without the need of a snorkel
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